Anime Architecture

23.7. – 16.10.2016
Museum for Architectural Drawing, Berlin

The exhibition ‘Anime Architecture’ presents original drawings from famous Japanese animation films. The show focuses on virtuosic renderings of urban architecture. In drawings made for the films Patlabor (1989), Ghost in the Shell (1995) and Innocence (2004), the megalopolis skyline is seen to be crushing in on what remains of traditional wooden housing. Industrial sites with endless labyrinths of cables and piping and utopian science-fiction constructions form backdrops for the dynamic film plots. The exhibition shows work by Hiromasa Ogura (art director), Mamoru Oshii (director), Atsushi Takeuchi (layout) and Takashi Watabe (layout).

Image: © 1995 Shirow Masamune / Kodansha ∙ Bandai Visual ∙ Manga Entertainment Ltd.